What is Research?

The videos from our April 13th information session focused on research in computer science is up on YouTube.

Thank you everyone who attended and especially to our panelists for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Below, you’ll find links to the questions the panelists answered.

The panel of graduate students

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 3:20 What is Computer Science Research?
  • 14:45 How do you figure out what area and topic to research?
  • 20:28 What’s the difference between research in industry vs. academia?
  • 23:44 How can I tell if research is something I’d like?
  • 28:28 How much freedom do you have in choosing your research topic?
  • 31:49 What is a Ph.D. for besides doing research?
  • 37:02 How to get into Ph.D. with 8 years of work experience but not officially done any research work?
  • 45:15 If we have graduated and are working in industry, any advice on find research experience? Is research within industry comparative to research in academia?
  • 48:47 How do you go about finding advisors at a university that you have never attended? My current university doesn’t offer Ph.D.s.
  • 51:03 Everyone says machine learning is where it’s at, but I love [another area]. Should I do ML or follow my heart?
  • 55:54 Last words.

Ask Your Question!

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