Applying to CS Ph.D. Programs

The videos from our April 21st information session on applying to Ph.D. programs in computer science is up on YouTube.

Thank you everyone who attended and especially to our panelists for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Below, you’ll find links to the questions the panelists answered.

The panel

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:07 Panel introduction
  • 6:31 How many Ph.D. programs should I apply to? How do I choose?
  • 13:51 How confident should I be on a specific research interest before applying to a Ph.D. program?
  • 22:11 Should I get a BS/MS or an MS before a Ph.D. or directly a Ph.D.?
  • 29:22 Does working on an undergrad research project without producing any publications look bad?
  • 34:48 How to apply to Ph.D. program after spending time in Industry?
  • 39:46 How do I pick a Ph.D. adviser and do I have to do it before joining?
  • 43:43 How important are different parts of applications: Letters, SOP, GRE, grades…?
  • 51:37 Would I be able to transfer from an MS to a Ph.D. in the middle of an MS program?
  • 52:14 Do you have suggestions for Ph.D. application timeline+
  • 54:07 How does financial aid work for Ph.D. programs?
  • 56:17 What form should the interaction with faculty prior to applying take?

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