Why this site?

We created the site because we find that

  1. The process and implications of getting a Ph.D. vary widely across disciplines (e.g., computer science vs. biology vs. history), so information specifically about CS is necessary to make a good decision.

  2. High-quality information about getting a Ph.D. in computer science can be difficult to find, often incorrect, or specific to particular Ph.D. programs.

  3. Anecdotal evidence suggested that undergraduates at all kinds of schools harbor basic misunderstandings about getting a Ph.D. including how to pay for it and what research (the focus of a Ph.D.) entails.

  4. Undergraduates often do not have access to advisors that can provide accurate, first-hand information about getting a Ph.D. in computer science.

  5. We suspect that this lack of ready access to good information is a barrier to entry to Ph.D. programs for many different groups.

We aim to provide high-quality information directly from people with first-hand, current, day-to-day knowledge how Ph.D. programs work and why you might or might not what to get a Ph.D.

Who are you?

The My CS Ph.D. is was started in the Deparment of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. Send questions to swanson@cs.ucsd.edu.

The My CS Ph.D. Team