Ph.D. Student Life

The videos from our April 13th all-grad student information session focused on Ph.D. student life in computer science is up on YouTube.

Thank you everyone who attended and especially to our panelists for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Below, you’ll find links to the questions the panelists answered.

The panel of graduate students

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 6:34 How can I tell if research is something I’d like?
  • 8:06 Can you talk about a time when you doubted whether or not a Ph.D. was the right path for you?
  • 11:15 How does getting Ph.D. compare to a BS in terms of difficulty with classes time management, and lifestyle?
  • 15:34 How many schools did you apply to and how confident were you that you’d be admitted?
  • 18:19 What is the funding situation like for CS Ph.D. programmers? Can the university scholarships/TA/RAship cover the tuition and living costs in San Diego?
  • 21:00 How has getting your Ph.D. affected your mental health?
  • 27:10 Any advice for people deciding between starting a Ph.D. and joining the workforce as a software engineer?
  • 30:38 What is the work-life balance like during a Ph.D.?
  • 36:29 How you avoid getting stuck with bad advisor?
  • 39:52 How did you find a research that that made you want to pursue a Ph.D. for the next five or more years?
  • 41:36 What you have done if you didn’t decide to pursue a Ph.D.?
  • 48:05 Is grad school fun?

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