Should I get a Ph.D. in Computer Science?

The videos from our April 21st information session on whether you should get a Ph.D. computer science is up on YouTube.

Thank you everyone who attended and especially to our panelists for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Below, you’ll find links to the questions the panelists answered.

The panel

  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 4:00 Panel introduction
  • 16:45 How can I tell if getting a Ph.D. is a good choice for me?
  • 24:00 Should I do a masters before I do get a Ph.D.?
  • 29.35 What job prospects do Ph.D. have after they graduate?
  • 33:30 Would you recommend applying for BS/MS before applying for Ph.D.?
  • 36:54 Is it worth getting a Ph.D. if I don’t want to go into research?
  • 41:39 How did you know you wanted to pursue research?
  • 43:45 How do you know if you’ll succeed as a Ph.D. student?
  • 49:59 How does having a masters degree lower my acceptance rate to Ph.D. programs?
  • 53:35 How do you survive first few of years of research?

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